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Seen: first

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2010

2.00 (very poor) This one starts out boring, and doesn't change pace. It' tells a slow story about a slow death that has no point that I picked up on -- other than telling a long, slow story about someone's journey to an unnotable death to be up in the air in the sky.

It's one I wouldn't recommend wasting time on.

Probably 'G' rated, but maybe 'PG' for talk about themes of death.


Seen: partially; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2010

7.00 (above average) Who hasn't seen this one -- it started out good, but some of the story line gets forced at times after the initial rescue of Rukio. Might have given it a higher rating had it ended then.

Burst Angel

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2010

8.50 (very good) I watched the DVD entitle Burst Angel. Not the Japanese version., Bakuretsu Tenshi. So is Bakuretsuo =Burst and Tenshi = Angel, I didn't think Japanese had Angels. Does Tenshi mean angel or is it like them turning the word 'daemon' into the word 'demon' in InuYasha -- changing the meaning? So much I don't know -- so little time. I haven't learned the foreign titles for the English pusblished anime's I have watched -- unless they were published with the original names like InuYasha, Ikki Tousen, Tenjho Tenge, etc... (I really hate it when they call it something complete different in English, I'd really prefer either the original name OR an exact translation, BUT such is the market as it is... I just watch 'em. Anyway, about Burst Angel ..

At first wasn't too sure about this, but was hooked after the first story. Twas about four femmes out for hire fighting bad guys, with one(Jo) having undefined and 'awakening' 'super powers' and being one tough 'angel' -- more of the avenging kind, when you get her ire up. This happens often when it concerns her BFF, Meg, who achieved this by risking her own life to save Jo's early in Jo's recently purged memory...but more on that in the video. Not real complete ending, but they recap (weakly IMO) in the OVA movie that followed the series. They ending was nearly sufficient, but left a few critical things one might want answered either up in the air or uncertain.
(Maybe they weren't sure about a future season renewal? :-))

Probably a PG-13 rating for moderate violence, mild gore, lots of shoot-emup 'fun'.

"You're about to enter a whole new world of hurt! Welcome to *H*E*L*L*" - famous Jo soundbite when she's bringing about final destruction to an enemy....(repeated multiple times).

D Gray-Man

Seen: partially; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2010

4.00 (below average) So far, not that into it...though some nice aspects. I need to give it some time to get over the fact that the lead character seems to be the same voice for the ultra-annoying wimp that destroyed Claire at the end of 'Claymore'....

What is it with all these ultra-wimp boys that seem to take it upon themselves to protect the women in these anime from being strong (and often doing them harm until the woman takes charge of her life and says no to the boy)?

Anyway, hard to see whiny boy playing a lead part. But maybe he'll grow on me in a new part.

They need more voice actors in the US....too few and I keep hearing the same or similar voices ni different anime -- starts to blend from one to the next...

The music, BTW, I recognized almost immediately as Kaoru Wada's. I only listened to his Inuyasha music about 1000 times... Also recognized him in "Record of Lodoss Wars"...had to pick up that OST as well.

Not very original ... but watchable.

Dragonaut - The Resonance

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2010

6.00 (average) Looks interesting, but I don't fully get what's going on so far, but am only a few episodes
into it.

Parts of the storying -- the fundamental underlying relation of characters and entities (companies, etc) remind me greatly of WitchBlade, but it isn't nearly so violent.

Hope it isn't as sad... but am guessing they'll do something to make a sad ending -- few anime of this neature end up in a good way.

Elfen Lied

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2010

7.00 (above average) Rather somber video -- Sad that it didn't end better. It could have, but many assumptions were made in the story line. It did end with a pseudo-positive note within the somber ending, so it isn't bad.

It has quite a bit of gore and some amount of incident, non-seemingly gratuitous nudity or titillation. It's almost like it was made in a culture that doesn't have the same sexual hangups around nudity that are prevalent in the US.

There are some jokes-based-on-the random-acts-of-accidental-nudity, but they are in the minority.

It's not a up and positive series, but not all are...

I'd rate it 'R' for nudity and violence (not necessarily in that order!).

Ergo Proxy

Seen: first

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2010

3.00 (poor) I thought this one was just boring and strange. Kept watching to hope it made sense or got better. It didn't. Don't bother.

Eureka 7

Seen: first; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2010

8.00 (good) Have only seen it twice -- and took at least that much to barely grasp it. A good series, but pretty complex! Voice of Holland, Captain of the Gekko State Ship also plays secondary lead role in "Wolf's Rain" (series). In both he plays the role of an older-secondary to a younger lead. Also in both, the younger lead appears destined to end up in an unknown future with the female lead (in both series). The female lead, in both was a non-human, alien female looking creature who, it is doubtful, could psychologically reproduce with humans. The role of the older secondary to enable the 'sacred' relationship between the (to be sacrificial male) and the ever virginal, ethereal and somewhat 'off' female. Hmmm... Not sure what jungian archetype this follows, but it seems familiar.

Would rate this 'G' -- though only on the basis of lack of offensive details. It's definitely NOT a kids anime -- it's complex to understand at least mid to late teens, I think for understanding. It's a classic! It also turns what **could** have been portrayed as a negative ending, as a positive ending. Could take the same set of facts and tell a Wolf's Rain type ending where everyone dies... Or you could show the characters' inner lives while they might supposedly be dying and see that they didn't die by really did evolve...

Amazingly different storyline with similar sets of facts.

Fate/stay night

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2010

6.75 (above average) Interesting, somewhat offbeat. Been a bit since I watched it, but it never got a strong momentum before it was already over. Standard theme of weakling/victim overcoming their past and developing strength w/help from, who else? the "King" of Camelot, Arthuria. No misspelling there. It's a female King Arthur with the sword and the lead male is the 'sheath'!... Hinting of role reversal? Nice sound track as well. (Nice?! Talk about bland adjectives...*oh*!)

Full Metal Panic!

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2010

6.25 (average) Nice fare-- not outstanding, not bad. An enjoyable watch, but nothing groundbreaking nor outstanding effects.

24 episodes. Would rate it G rated. Mostly fast moving.
Enjoyable characters -- but so squeeky clean no romance development between leads...perhaps it was aimed at 7-8 year olds?

Heroic Age

Seen: first

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2010

8.00 (good) This one is a rousing, non-stop anime that starts off hard driving in the first episode and ...well, falters a little around 2/3rd's through the 26 episodes, getting a bit drawn out -- maybe because it's so non-stop for so long, you get tired out. The ending was positive, but slightly less stirring than the beginning part -- so as a whole, the series wasn't orchestrated as well as it could have been. The sound track, BTW was/is quite good -- and was distributed on 2 volumes.


Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2010

5.00 (moderate) Not an aware winner, but very watchable -- not slow or boring, but its all about multiple warring high schools vying for supreme status.

It is strongly a vehicle for "fan service" -- lost of panty shots and tops falling off that magically hang on the the nipples, in most cases. Maybe a few scenes w/nipples. sAt the top of the competition are various warriors who posses stones that identify them as competing warriors. The highest ranked warriors are being guided by their 'fates' to play play out events that have occurred far in the past involving supreme martial artists who's essence has been transmitted down in the stones. But fate != destiny.

It is strongly a vehicle for "fan service" -- lost of panty shots and tops falling off that magically hang on the the nipples, in most cases. There are a few scenes with nipples, lots of airtime of sound bite "it feels so good" with variations.

It's primary a vehicle, it seems for fan service and showing different forms of martial artist-like ways of fighting w/people or eliminating them.

Nevertheless, other than the repetitive fan-service being predictable and sometimes a bit boring,
it was over all a watchable, thought reasonably mindless entertaining anime.


Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2010

10.00 (excellent) Of the various series I have watched (and own), this stands out as the best in animation quality and depth of story line. It meanders with off-story episodes now and then, but overall it's a great anime that has yet to be equaled.

Kannazuki no Miko

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2010

9.75 (excellent) This was nearly as sweet as could be. Most of it was about longing and waiting, and longing. Being conflicted -- experiencing love versus 'love' as possession... sacrificing all for love, to experience love again...

Very heart-achy and sweet at same time...once you understand the sacrifice the Lunar Priestess, Chikane has made for Himiko, and you realize that her aggressive actions were not done out of jealousy, but out of love and a desire to protect her life, you realize the depths to which Chikane had to submit herself -- to losing her honor, her love's love, and her own life, in order to protect she who she loved and you can't help but feel her ache as she must part with her love once more... then you see Himiko, going through life -- a life without Chikana -- and she knows -- she feels her emptiness and waits...and finds again...

Queen's Blade

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2010

7.50 (good) A colorful and visually rich series. Plotline is that many females wandering throughout the land must do battle to determine who is the strongest. The series starts by following the progress of the king's youngest daughter, Reina, who wants to escape from the oppression of being a 'caged bird' as is her place by birth. She runs away and eventually finds herself 'officially' on the path of the Queen's Blade's trials (much to the chagrin of her parents).

The series would be 'R' rated for nudity -- for that is plentiful -- plate mail armor just isn't fashionable, I guess, nor would it be as visually entertaining.

It's a slow watch, as the dialogue is in japanese, and it's difficult to catch both the subtitled dialogue and the action.

RIN ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2010

9.00 (very good) Thought this was an entire interesting anime -- MOST different from standard anime fair and most refreshing. Only 6 -1 hour episodes long. More like a long movie .. Rin is an immortal private investigator with a love of life -- men, women and vodka -- not necessarily in that order. She's pursued by those who want to control her and her immortality -- even if it means destroying her. Unfortunately some of her pursuers are also immortal making them especially difficult to avoid.

Contains nudity and plenty of gore. One of the more notable scenes showed her body pulling back in her intestines after they'd been blown out by a bomb. Yick! Done in dark light but you could tell enough. Nice sound track.

Shakugan no Shana

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2010

7.50 (good) Really liked this character, though the DVD storyline needs more coherence. Overall told an interesting story with like-able, watchable characters. A bit too much voice over by a whiny-boy type who tries a bit too annoyingly hard to protect the interests of his 'infatuation interest', Shana, the flame Haze.

Very much amused and fascinated by the (US version) voice actors for Alister -- the primary 'Denizen' or contact of the lead character Shana. He's voiced by 'Naraku' from InuYasha. His voice is joined by the voice of Naraku's female incarnation, 'Kagura' who plays, Marjory (sp?) Daws (sp?) a ,lead, secondary flame haze, being reformed by Shana. These Inuyasha voice actors are rounded out by the accompaniment of Jaken, in InuYasha, Sesshomaru's Henchmen, playing Marco, the Denizen of Marjory in Shana.

Hearing their voices again was worth the inexpensive price of the series, for me. :-)

Spice and Wolf

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2010

8.25 (good) On a complete different flavor from many animes I've watched, this one is a somewhat quiet affair, with a country-celticish-paganish feel. Some small bits of titillation with a blessed break from the hyper developed buxom babe model with a feminine but, on rare occasion, deadly heroine who starts off on an adventure away from her home grounds to go back to her ancient home.

Only out that I know of is Season One. I haven't seen nor heard of a season two, though the possibility is certainly there. I'm not sure that it is as action paced and adventurish enough to succeed in a market place driven by buxom babes and violence, but it was a refreshingly quaint tale, despite Amazon's Editorial review that was unhappy with the heroine having a tail (calling it 'unwholesome'). Talk about a bunch of kill joys -- but maybe that's there selling point. Was certainly a reason for looking into it -- Amazon? Calling it 'unwholesome'? Let's go see! It was decidedly wholesome fair --- low on violence and overt sexuality, though there is nudity and suggestive wordplay (oh perish the thought, what will the children think...given them violence and 'boobies' instead...) *sigh*.

Tenjou Tenge

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2010

6.00 (average) I liked this anime, though it's plot line was a bit simplistic and it had quite a bit of excessive, over-the-top type violence that you realize just isn't real. Nevertheless, it had a catch theme and graphics (not much on musical score). So far, I've missed a few episodes in the middle due to a poop disk 4, I believe. I felt the story was cut short -- it told the 'essentials', but took the easy way out and left the ending to the imagination of the viewer. So many show makers/tellers leave off an ending and it just seems like lazyness -- like saying 'well the reader/watcher should know what happens next, so I won't bother telling them'. 'It should be obvious'. 'You can't miss it'. Hmmm. Still given the surprise endings I've learned to accept as the norm in modern shows, in shows/series/books today I'd prefer to see a concrete outcome.

It wasn't the most positive story line -- in fact this video probably doesn't deserve more than about 3 out of 10 brain cells paying attention -- but then you can enjoy it! :-) Best not to be too critical of many of these anime shows or you won't enjoy any of them.

Was about to mention how some things didn't make sense, but there I go again, analyzing too much...

Nevertheless it didn't have any greatly positive storyline -- no redeeming messages -- was just focused on developing 'some talent' that was the 'supreme martial artist' -- who upon being developed, falls flatly on his face unconscious -- which is where they end the video. But it's ok, because with no ending, we know that he gets better and everything works out in anime style -- it was just that type of series. Not set to depressing music, but strong action (and did I mention gore?)

(Makes Claymore look this occurs w/o the benefit of being in an alternate reality with supernatural foes).


Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2010

3.50 (below average) This had some interesting ideas -- interesting story line, but flawed in a few needless ways that end up in a pretty sucky ending. Not a series to watch if you don't have some happy anime to watch afterwards and cleans you of the overarching sadness that permeates this anime and fullfills its promise with a sad ending.

The lines were more soundbites than conversations sometimes. Especially when she was in her transformed form, the transformed WitchBlade mostly had a limited conversational ability and limited repertoire of actions -- she evolves and and manages to deliver on a sad ending. Not one of my favorites.

Oh - lots of gore -- with the lead char transforming into a killing machine to take out re-animated corpes-brains from felons that were being used to control war-machines (and no one thought to think that putting felons, put to death for crimes, into the control centers of war machines, might not have some uncontrolled and bad consequences...) Oh well, it is fiction...

Wolf's Rain

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2010

2.00 (very poor) Found this video to be uniformly and almost completely to be of a sad and depressing nature. I personally didn't enjoy it. It seemed to be a more 'sad' version of 'Eureka 7' with something of a similar story line (though this one was much shorter and more direct). The effects were nothing to write about.
It was interesting to hear the same voice actor that played the captain of 'good ship' (sorry not that good with names when have only seen things once or twice) in Eureka Seven, as well as an earlier incarnation of Ichigo from Bleach playing the lead. But the flower girl in Wolf's rain was a direct correlation to the scub-coral girl, Eureka, with the head-wolf char's intent to go off and live with her after the end of the earth a corollary to Benton going to live with Eureka, but the story in Eureka though it could be seen, externally by humans, to have ended the existence (ended in death) of the primary character (Benton), it was seen by viewers as him having entered in with the Scub Coral and living on with them.

Similarly, though the story in Wolf's Rain chose to kill off everyone by the end, they could have, at least, had the lead char merging in a dream sequence into the stream of consciousness/unconsciousness that was 'eternity' where he would live in paradise with his beloved -- and eventually (as he was) be reborn into today's world. Just a choice of the story writer to go with 'negative' emotions -- in a way that _I_, personally didn't like. If I want such negativity, I can just turn on today's news. Why turn to anime for depressing content?
(at least that's my philosophy...)

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