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  1. UberDog 8wk 6d ago

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Gurl? Where you at?

  2. angelxxuan 29wk 2d ago

    while cruising around adding friends back I noticed I had forgotten about you :( sorry about that. but you sure do have a creative and entertaining profile that's for sure. ;)

  3. VOLDEMORT 37wk 0d ago

    Quote by Astara

    Quote by VOLDEMORT if you want to see a true act of cowardice, look no further than astara here.

    takes a year to respond to a comment and does so after they've left the website.

    what a classy muggle.

    Don't confuse insufficient energy to care with your male insecurities.

    Who left? Are you saying CyanB. left the website? Seems they still have a page
    up here. You talkin' 'bout lil' ol' me? Gosh shucks... I didn't think you cared (who are you again?)


    point still stand, muggle. love the gender assumption as well, since everything written online must be true. continuing to keep it classy.

    time for school, muggle. lesson one, you cannot disable or have your account removed from here. your only option is to simply leave the website. considering they have a paragraph stating that they left, and it has been a month since they were last on i find it hard to not put two and two together. even if, why bother making a massive reply anyways? topic is so old that nobody would care anymore. but i get it if you have some personal vendetta or crusade. more power to you.

    you amuse me. feel free to come back and post to continue to prove my point and provide me with some humour, muggle.